• Consumer

    Solving real world problems like planning your Bucket List. Fun and Fast with DeZolve. Get started today and Revisit as often as you like. 

  • Prosumer

    DeZolve unleashes the knowledge and wisdom of your people so they can solve your most challenging problems. Fast, Flexible and with Governance that actually works by breaking down unnecessary bureaucratic barriers.

  • Crowd

    Hook into the knowledge and wisdom of the crowd to solve previously insurmountable problems. Start with what you know right now. Engage with others to share your thoughts and get their input right where it's needed.

  • Enterprise

    DeZolve lets you focus on Pain Points not Powerpoints. No more boring and unproductive meetings and those spreadsheets you hate can be thrown in the trash where they belong. Be truly Agile and solve your most important problems in minutes not weeks or months.

  • Smart

    DeZolve makes you the Smartest Person in the Room. You decide who, if anyone, to involve in your decisions. You're able to articulate your tacit knowledge in ways you never thought possible.

'Smartest Person in the Room'

Better Decisions Faster

Governance from the mind